Verona is a beautiful place and we are glad to be here, to be unpacked, to have a kitchen again, and to do “slow travel” as an end to our grand adventure.

We started the day with a walk, of course.  We wanted to see about a place called La Botega dalla Gina, where they sell prepared vegetables along with having a good selection of  fresh fruit and vegetables.  We bought a bunch of different cooked veg and some white beans too.

On the street I heard someone calling to us and it was Licia (our last year’s booking agent from Verona Journeys) on her scooter.  I didn’t recognize her with the helmet on, but we had a nice chat.  It made us feel so nice and at home to be greeted like that.

I’m really into, for better or worse, the Christmas decorations.  Just like at home, some are nicer than others.  I liked this cafe:img_4505

And these trees are up in some of the bigger piazzas  (this is in Piazza Erbe) and are advertising Bauli, a big panettone company.  img_4506

In Piazza Dante is a Christmas market, but it was very disappointing.  Most of the stalls are selling ornaments made in China.  They look like things we would buy in Target.

We stopped at the small Santa Maria Antica church and admired the complex of gothic structures adorning the sarcophagi of the Scaligeri family.

I caught a glimpse of the river Adige so we walked over to see it.img_4526

And this beautiful ginkgo tree was stunning in a nearby park.  It’s yellow almost matches some of the buildings. img_4517 We headed towards home realizing we had never been in this neighborhood.  In the middle of the street was a large railed off rectangle.  I thought is maybe underground parking, but Ken went to look and it was a Roman ruin, right in the middle of town.

Can you see, there is a restaurant just above the ruin?

Can you see, there is a restaurant just above the ruin?

On the way home we stopped for some bread and ham.  Coming around the corner we had this view of the arena, in the sun:


Lunch was great with all the veggies.  We especially loved the roasted zucca (like pumpkin).

We met our friend Luisa in the afternoon.  Seeing her ride up on her bike in Piazza Bra with her spiffy new hair cut was a treat.  As was hanging out with her. We walked and talked and went into a place for coffee.  I had to have one of the sweets (there is absolutely NO self control left in me)  and I chose a piece of Sacher torte which was good and chocolatey.

We said good bye to Luisa, and walked a bit before going home.

Dinner was just left overs and rehashing the wonderful day; we were both glad to have seen a bit of sun.  Just hangin’ in Verona.




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  1. So glad to see Verona all decked out for Natalie. The Scaligeri Bridge is one of my favorite places anywhere. Hope you visit tat. When we were last in Verona for more than a day we had not started renting yet. I wish we had.