We were going slow this morning.  Both spending lots of time standing at the windows watching the light on the mountains.  It was still gray here in Venice but the Dolomites were shining bright, as if somebody had a giant pink spotlight on them.

Our intention was to take a long walk even though our bodies are protesting a bit.  Just out the door, Ken realizes he hadn’t gone into the Gesuiti church yet, so we had a nice visit in there.  Having just been there 2 weeks ago, I was mostly interested in watching the florists set up for a wedding.  Ivy everywhere; boxes and boxes of it.

Just a few more steps and we realized we had never gone into the gallery/print shop.  We both liked a big red print of a moka pot. There was a group doing silk screening there and that was interesting to watch, too.

From there we walked to Sant Marina and on to Santa Maria Formoso.  We still call it “Pat’s Campo” because my sister and her husband stayed once in the Palazzo Ruzzini hotel there.  I took this picture for them of the water door to the hotel:img_4034

Had some coffee there in the campo.  The bar was crowded with people (I think they were mostly young Brits) sitting in the sun having spritzes (at 11:00 in the morning) but we just had our coffees standing at the banco (counter).  I took a few more pictures, mostly of shadows, right next door.img_4044img_4045












img_4042And on a small bridge:img_4053img_4052

The moka pot print was calling to us so we stopped by there on our way back home.  With closer scrutiny we realized there was no possible way to get it into the suitcase and we have too much travel in front of us to carry it separately.

We met Nan for lunch at Vini da Gigio.  It was almost as good as the over the top excellence of last week but WE were off our games–talking about how devastated we were about the election. Each of us teared up at some point.  We talked about a bunch of other things, but the mood was somber although not overwhelming, but the shadow was cast. Like the week before, we all shared all of the dishes. The two best were the warm octopus salad with small potatoes, tomatoes and arugula; and rigatoni with a duck sauce.  The penne with the lightest pesto and monkfish was fabulous, too.  I had to have moeche (small soft shell crabs) one more time and they were sweet and perfectly fried. The desserts, plated beautifully,  were not as great as the food, IMHO.  And the wines, changing with each course were delicious.  We finished with a Marsala that tasted almost like vin Santo–ooooh I loved it!.

We said our good byes to Nan and walked home, totally stuffed.

In the evening, we went back to the print shop and bought 2 of the smaller moka pot prints.  Not sure what we’ll do with them but we got them.

We watched The Crown again.  Really into it.

Cannot believe our 3 weeks in Venice are done.  I refuse to be sad.  I know I will be back.  It really is my favorite place in the world.

Adventure awaits.




Last Day in Venice (for now) — 2 Comments

  1. Your photos make me miss Venice – in a good way. Love Vini da Gigio. Your lunch had me salivatig.