We really wanted to stay busy and moving today to keep the post election blues from creeping in too far.  I figured the Peggy Guggenheim museum would be a great companion visit to Ca’ Pesaro.  Normally, in Venice, I am mostly focused on contemporary art, but on this trip, modern art has been front and center.  We walked through San Marco and over to the Accademia stopping for a great coffee in Campo San Luca.  We looked at a small painting we both liked in a frame shop near our apartment and then spied one by the same artist in a gallery near the museum.  So we went in to find out the price; too expensive for our budget.

The Guggenheim was easy to find from memory.  We bought our tickets and the very good audio guides and entered. This is the first thing we saw:



I was surprised how many visitors were there.  It was almost crowded.  We listened to a short talk about Peggy’s life, in a room full of Jackson Pollack paintings.  What a life she had!  This was one of my favorite things, her “headboard” which they have displayed in the room which had really been her bedroom.

Head board and earrings by Calder

Head board and earrings by Calder

The Magritte, Empire of Night, (which I didn’t know was a part of a series) was still a favorite–and the Kandinskys and I loved the one de Kooning there.  And the patio on the Grand Canal.  It’s so evocative of her time in Venice.

From there we walked around Dorsoduro, to the Punta della Dogana:img_3997

And we visited the grand Salute church.

I took this somewhere near San Barnaba–just loving the colors, and that the sun had come out.

I could feel a bit of joy creeping back into me.

I could feel a bit of joy creeping back into me.

We headed back towards San Barnaba to stop at the Bar alla Toletta for tramezzino and a spritz.  Then I couldn’t resist getting gelato at del Doge on the way home.  We had really kept our feet in the street, walking all the way home through San Polo, over Rialto, through Santi Apostoli and home.

R and R for a while. I did some yoga and we went out briefly to get some wine.  The vino sfuso place was out of our favorite, so we got Cabernet Franc and it was not so great, but for €2, it was no great tragedy.

I realize our night life is totally non existent here.  Oh well.  Old folks, we are.

So we watched “The Crown” and went to bed.






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  1. Love being able to walk around the Punta again after it was closed off for so many years . PG not my favorite museum, but we have been often. The kindness/cruelty plaque is awesomely appropriate. On one of our first visits to the PG, one of the guides told me they were always crowded when anything big happened in the US becausecAmericsns knew there would be lots of zenglushbdpeakers there with whom they could commiserate or rejoice. I hope you do not mind my blathering on almost every post.