There are always some images that get set aside on my desk top.  they never fit into a blog post but I love them for one reason or another.

Allora–here are some.  more to come another day.

The limestone (called Lecce stone) walls in Lecce were fascinating to me.  Some of them were eroding so beautifully:



On to Matera.  I loved this little courtyard at our hotel but I was never sure if it was for all the guests or just those whose rooms opened out to it.

Corte San Pietro


On October 17, 2014 Matera was declared the European Capital of Culture for 2019.  These homemade banners were all over town:




The views–sigh…































Even though Trani was far from our favorite stop, I took a lot of photos there.  The simple stone interior of the Duomo:Maybe from growing up in Miami, we couldn’t get enough of walking on the marina:

Trani nets

One cool building from hectic, big-city Bari:


Pink Bow.  Somebody has a new bambina.










More to come, soon.


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  1. How wonderful! A surprise wrinkle in time flashback to your marvelous adventure. Thank you! Are you all settled in or is part of you still in la bella Italia? Thank you for this diversion from looking for a misplaced Christmas purchase.