I’m taking advantage of a rainy morning to work on this a bit.  Also, we are getting new floors in our living areas so I am stuck in my bedroom.


On to Lucca where we were so extremely happy to be joined by our friends from home, Anthony, Lyn and Rosanne. Here’s the view out the back, kitchen window, of our apartment.  The changing light was always of interest to me.

And here are Ken and Antonio walking a street with the oh-so-Tuscan colors:









Walking the walls with Rosi:


And then the Piemonte in the Fall, amazing experience.  The fog and the colors just wrap themselves around you and the food and the wine pour through.  Must return!  At our wine tasting (Vajra in Barolo) Ken was so happy to taste the actual nebbiolo grapes.


Finally in Venice, my true love.  Check out the marble in this column in the Ducal Palace:


The Ghetto:


all bagged up and ready to sell.



The colors!!!

Additional shots of glass cane work in Murano:











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