Recap Part 2

I’m taking advantage of a rainy morning to work on this a bit.  Also, we are getting new floors in our living areas so I am stuck in my bedroom. Allora– On to Lucca where we were so extremely happy … Continue reading →

Photo Recap

There are always some images that get set aside on my desk top.  they never fit into a blog post but I love them for one reason or another. Allora–here are some.  more to come another day. The limestone (called … Continue reading →

Final Day

Rough day, trying to face the inevitable.  It’s over.  It was grand but it has to end. We spent the morning packing and then went out in the cold (low 30’s) to run errands and walk a bit. The street … Continue reading →

The Castle

Feeling very restless and emotional about our last days but through that I had the presence of mind (this is supposed to be funny) to go to Dolce Locanda for coffee and a sweet to start the day. They seem … Continue reading →

A leisurely Explore

We’re getting lazier and lazier in the mornings, but we finally made it out and walked straight to Cafe Coloniale for a quick coffee.  Then we continued on to the park where I first photographed the big yellow gingko tree. … Continue reading →

Family Day (x2)

We spent the morning in our pajamas.  Our apartment owner was scheduled to bring us new towels at around 11:00, but she called and said it wouldn’t be until 12:00.  Why even get dressed?  It was a lovely, relaxing morning. … Continue reading →

Day trip to Brescia

We only went for a short walk in the morning spurred on by the fact that I saw a bit of a market happening on via Roma while I was standing on our balcony.  The “show” was only about  8 … Continue reading →

“Not every tourist gets to see This”

Moving very slowly through the morning, we finally got out to go for a short walk and to the super market.  About a block past the Eurospar, the name of the supermarket, we went into a small dark church, the … Continue reading →

Market Day

Thursday morning:  Local food market at the Arsenale.  It’s interesting that yesterday we had been stopped to sign a petition to save the Aresenale building from commercial development and the future of this market is an unknown.  Just like Tallahassee! … Continue reading →

A Verona

No plans in the morning.  We just walked in the area kind of behind the arena.  It’s really difficult to have a sense of direction here because the streets are all curving all the time.  Most of where we walked … Continue reading →