Last Day in Venice (for now)

We were going slow this morning.  Both spending lots of time standing at the windows watching the light on the mountains.  It was still gray here in Venice but the Dolomites were shining bright, as if somebody had a giant … Continue reading →

St. Martin’s Day (San Martino)

Woke up to a totally gray and overcast day with the prediction of rain.  The plan was to take the vap, but when we finally got out it didn’t seem too bad so we started walking.  Wanting to try a … Continue reading →

On the Rebound

We really wanted to stay busy and moving today to keep the post election blues from creeping in too far.  I figured the Peggy Guggenheim museum would be a great companion visit to Ca’ Pesaro.  Normally, in Venice, I am … Continue reading →


Since I skipped yesterday (you know why) I’ll cover both days here.  No extra charge for you.  😉 Election day.  The morning was amazingly clear.  We could see the Dolomites, shining in their snow capped glory from our windows. Ca’ … Continue reading →

Easy Sunday

First thing–we saw a rainbow out over the lagoon and we knew it would be another great day.  Ken took a picture of me in my new hat:               After a slow Sunday kind … Continue reading →

A perfect day in < perfect weather

Our plan was to meet our Venetian friend, Nan, to go see the Venini show at Le Stanze del Vetro on San Giorgio Island.  We woke up to unrelenting rain–not a total downpour, but certainly more than a drizzle.  So … Continue reading →

A Day for the Eyes

We had no plan at all for this day.  The water was really sparkling and the skies were the clearest we’ve seen.  From our little view spot we could see the Dolomites in the distance. I tried making this little … Continue reading →

Padova or Padua

I notice little things are changing for me.  Like I say Padova, which is the Italian instead of the English, Padua.  And I don’t push the light switches the wrong way–they’re totally counter intuitive for Americans–down is on; up is … Continue reading →

Foggy Day

Woke up to lots of fog out over the lagoon and it really never cleared the whole day. Our friend Jill had left something for us at her husband’s hardware shop in San Marco, so we walked over there. Following … Continue reading →