This was our “bonus day” because we were originally scheduled to leave the day before but Delta canceled our flight. (this was months ago so no last minute surprise.) So we got up early to take Pat and Bob to … Continue reading →

Winding Down

We had to say goodbye to Trento. Pat and I did a little last minute shopping and she bought me a pretty purple glass pitcher I had my eye on. Ken and I bought one bottle of wine. We drove … Continue reading →

Last Full Day in Trento

A full day in Trento and we still haven’t really scratched he surface. Thursday is market day so we spent a lot of time strolling through the stalls. In the Piazza Duomo, right near our hotel, were all plants and … Continue reading →

Trento, day 2

I woke up in our very comfortable room in Trento, thinking I was hearing all the “ciaos” from the street in Venice. Finally, I realized where we were. The sun rises, right over the mountains we see from our window—pretty, … Continue reading →

Trento, here we come.

I woke up very early, with a little anxious feeling. I really didn’t want to leave Venice. Sabrina, our charming landlord (lady?) came by in the morning to return our cash security deposit and say good-bye. We went downstairs for … Continue reading →

Last Day in Venezia

Woke up to more rain– just a bit more than a mist. We started the packing process and tried to relax. Here’s Ken on the computer: Bob and Pat slept late so we decided to go over the Rialto Bridge … Continue reading →

The weather is “brutto”

“Never in June”. That’s what everyone said about the weather. Not only did it rain, non-stop, the entire day but also it was chilly. I don’t think we ever got out of the 50’s but the centigrade conversion is confusing … Continue reading →


The weather report was for rain so we wanted to get going. Ken and I went downstairs to the bar and the father/owner was there. He began telling us about the “Teatro in Barca” (theater on a boat) that is … Continue reading →

Perfect weather for all of us!

We awoke to bright sunny skies so, after breakfast and coffee, we headed for the Rialto market. I wanted to buy some porcini to make for dinner, but they weren’t to be found yet. We did see some in Florence, … Continue reading →

Alle Testiere

We had an easy morning. Took a stroll with Bob and Pat. Watching Bob take photos is a treat. He’s posted a few, on Facebook, and the results are amazing. The big goal of the day, for me, was to … Continue reading →