Small Bites–Artichokes

I thought it was a great idea but… My dish really was a failure. Well, to be perfectly fair–it needs some work, especially better artichokes. I used frozen artichoke hearts and they were pretty flavorless and watery. I marinated them … Continue reading →

Small Bites–Brie

I had an idea–a culinary experiment and it almost worked. Well, to be honest, it really did work. I had a finished product which used the ingredient of the week and tasted good. Here it is: Brie and Broccoli Frittata … Continue reading →

Small Bites–Cranberrries

About 4 months ago we all chose an ingredient for our Slow Travel Small Bites cooking/blogging group. I looked at the date for my pick and thought of cranberries. Turned out, it was a challenging choice for lots of us, … Continue reading →

Small Bites–Ginger

The ingredient for this week is ginger, a spice that’s near and dear to my heart. Way back in the good ole days, I did an Ayervedic ginger cure for my asthma. I had to puree ginger root with a … Continue reading →

Small Bites–Mushrooms

I was excited to get back to the Small Bites routine this week, after missing the two previous “challenges”. My idea was to make something like Sedish Meatballs, using mushrooms. Upside–they were really tasty. Downside –they looked awful, but so … Continue reading →

Small Bites–Pecans

Pecans are a big deal here in the South. They grow all over Tallahassee; our friends the Watkins have a beautiful grove of pecan trees on their land in Monticello. These, I bought at the Farmers market, yesterday. This recipe … Continue reading →

Small Bites–Goat cheese

I took the easy route for goat cheese. The best thing is that we can buy, at New Leaf Market, the fabulous, luxurious, fresh and tasty goat cheese from Sweet Grass Dairy in nearby Thomasville Georgia. All I did was … Continue reading →

small bites– Sun Dried Tomatoes

I have been experimenting all summ with sun dried tomato pesto, after using it in a fish recipe from Andrew Carmellini’s “Urban Italian” cookbook. It is a totally versitile condiment. I love to simply toss ith with pasta, of course … Continue reading →

Small Bites– Mini Crab Cakes

Well, we are finally done with salads and are moving on to “small bites”. Each participant has chosen an ingredient and we all get to make something with it, and post our recipes and photos. Crab was easy for me. … Continue reading →