Staying in the Nieghborhood

The morning was dedicated to hanging out for the last hours and final laughs with Brenda and Linda.  With Elisa, our landlady, we walked them downstairs and waited for the water taxi.  Lots of hugs and they were gone to … Continue reading →

Revisit and New Visit

We had so many things on the list for Brenda and Linda to see that paring it down was really tough.  Final decision was to go to the Frari church first off with a stop at the Rialto market.  It … Continue reading →

Ciao Ciao Lucca

Moving day.  Not my favorite but you gotta do it if you want to go somewhere else, right? We had decided already to take a cab to the Europcar offices so I called them well in advance.  Good thing because … Continue reading →

Reunited and it Feels so Good!

Sorry, Kathryn,for stealing your title. This was the day that the last piece of our friend puzzle would fall into place.  Rosanne arrived on the afternoon train. For the morning, we did laundry waiting for Anthony to find his way … Continue reading →

Visit to Otranto

Ken had to do some work for a few hours in the morning.  So so as soon as we got up and dressed we went out for some coffee at the Mac Bar, with one “to go” for later.  While … Continue reading →

We have Wheels

The goal for today:  pick up rental car, figure out where to park it and finally GO somewhere. We were surprised rather early, had to scramble to get dressed, by Gianni, our landlord.  He brought us a small tray of absolutely … Continue reading →

Day one!

Day one! Pretty pretty pretty excited. Cannot believe we are finally ON our adventure instead of planning it. All of our flights went super smoothly despite having to circle Atlanta for a while until there was a break in the … Continue reading →

The Public Gardens

While Josh, Teresa and Mavis made a too-long-for -me day trip to Prince Edward Island, the rest of us went to town to see the Public Gardens and wander.  We saw SO many flowers I couldn’t identify.  Maybe a poppy? … Continue reading →

Stillwater Lake, Nova Scotia

Still getting used to this process again so please excuse the blogging glitches We flew from Fort Lauderdale to JFK to Halifax International.  Woke up at 4:30.  Got to this lovely house at 4:30 ish.  So, long travel day, even … Continue reading →

Wrap Up (part 2) Summer 2015

After Venice we traveled in a rental car to Castelrotto in the Dolomites.  We stayed at Haus Siblernagl (suggested by Terry) which was a very short walk into the little town.  The views around each turn were spectacular. We took … Continue reading →