Wrap Up (part 2) Summer 2015

After Venice we traveled in a rental car to Castelrotto in the Dolomites.  We stayed at Haus Siblernagl (suggested by Terry) which was a very short walk into the little town.  The views around each turn were spectacular. We took … Continue reading →

Wrap Up–Summer 2015

Well, we’ve been back for a while and it’s been a total whirlwind.  Started our return with a few glorious days in South Florida with our wonderful family. I had back surgery and am thrilled to report I am now … Continue reading →

Last day–a little rough around the edges

We woke up early just to get it all together and have time for a final walk about. We just had to get over to Dolce Locanda for coffee and a sweet goodbye to the ladies there. Interesting because the … Continue reading →

Winding down and a wonderful reuinion

I had heard from Massimo before, last year, but he never showed up so I was thrilled to get a FB message from him that he wanted to come to see us in Verona (from Bergamo).  We met him at … Continue reading →

Scavenger Hunt

I really wanted to bring home some olive oil from Lake Garda like I’ve done the past 4 or 5 trips.  It’s been my favorite over the years and I felt validated by the fact  that Marcella Hazan said it … Continue reading →

Ci Fanno Pazzi (they’re making us crazy!)

OK.  Woke up early, normal morning, made my tea, looked at email, gazed out the windows, listened to the church bells and all of a sudden I hear LOUD hammering and close by too.  Ok, so I figure we’ll just … Continue reading →

Like a Local

Today we completed a rite of passage.  We went to services in the San Nicoló church!  Our friend Luisa is very proud of her progressive, generous and socially active church.  So we went to hear the sermon, the prayers and … Continue reading →

My Verona (think My Sherona)

I seem to be liking this town more and more each day.  You know how, after you stay someplace for a little while it gets smaller and smaller.  That’s what’s happening here. The (late) morning activity was to go to … Continue reading →

Some touristy stuff ad 2 great meals!

We woke up feeling like we NEED to see some of the art and architecture here before our week just evaporates.  WE started off to locate the Information center, good morning Piazza Bra: But we got distracted by the opera … Continue reading →

This is the Life!

Today was one of the best Italy days, for me. I just love doing the quotidian stuff, moving through this world and feeling its rhythms. Our plan was to meet Roy at the little farmers market behind the Arsenale.  We … Continue reading →