Ecco Grisini!
I had John Mayer blasting on the stereo while I rolled out the 40 pieces of dough. There’s just enough cayenne in the recipe to give them a nice little kick. they taste exactly how I would imagine Babbo’s grisini would taste. Although I’ve never eaten there, I HAVE watched every episode of Molto Mario that’s ever been aired, at least twice! It was interesting how my rolling technique improved as I went along. The last half were a breeze and fairly uniform thickness.
I extra cheese on some and salt on others. The salty ones are my favorites.
Thanks to Gina de Palma for another great foray into her world. Even though these weren’t “dolce” they were very enjoyable and fairly easy.


Babbo Breadsticks — 4 Comments

  1. They look wonderful! I’m so glad that Fine Living is re-running all the old Molto Mario’s since I haven’t seen them all yet.

  2. Jan, I felt exactly as you – my rolling got better as I went along, and I loved the salty ones the best! Yours look great.

  3. I don’t think I’ve *ever* seen a full episode of Molto Mario! (Or any of his shows …)
    But boy, did I love these breadsticks. I found some sesame seeds in my cupboard, and will use them on the next batch!