This week really blew by! It is so wonderfully relaxing staying here with the pool, the flowers and Max. This is what pleasure is all about. (not to mention the most wonderful breakfasts ever!)
We had a nice morning trip to Alba today–market day–everything was totally lively.
It is amazing how at 12:30 everyone packs up and by the time we finished lunch the streets were empty.
We ate at Conte Rosso and I had to try the pasta with summer truffles. Here they are on display outside the restaurant:
This afternoon I was freaking out a little about Kenny leaving tomorrow so Cec and I went on a little photo shooting walk about just here at the B&B. Here are a couple of my favorites:
the new kitchen door:
and Micha and Diana
I have to wake up early tomorrow to take Ken to Malpensa. Probably I won’t be able to upload any photos but I will be blogging from an Internet Cafe.


Last Day at Baur B&B — 2 Comments

  1. Diana and Micha look so sweet together. Keep taking those photos, Jan, and keep on blogging. We are reading and enjoying your travels (and dining).

  2. Jan, don’t forget to do a review for the B&B (no more subtle hints on my part – I’m going to start begging and pleading soon. ;D).