I just wanted to put up a few photos from my last week in Acqui. Taking them was really easy. Snap shots are my style but you almost can’t help but get gorgeous results with the subject matter.
Here’s the window of the fresh pasta shop,where I totally enjoyed watching the machines churning out the wonderful looking, local style ravioli “al plin”:
The Bollente, in the center of town, is a natural hot spring which spews hot water and has been since Roman times. Someone could sit there all day and take pictures. In the mornings people come there and fill up containers to use the water for cleaning and for some, for drinking. It has a particularly sulfurish smell–I couldn’t imagine drinking it.
Here it is at night.
One more shot, of beautiful Acqui, from the public garden near the archeological museum.
Looking back at my pictures reminds me of how really pretty the town is.


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  1. Nice photos Jan! Brings back wonderful memories…seems so long ago already. I hope you write more about your time in Venice and post photos of Venice also. Happy

  2. Great photos, Jan — I definitely want to visit this region of Italy next year!