This was a really difficult one for me. I have SO many great shots of amazing views from our Italy trip. Everywhere we stayed, I took memories from the windows. Gazing out a window in Italy is one of my favorite ways to pass the time.
I did manage to find one favorite, though. This is from our little terrace at the Hotel Doria Park, in Lerici. It was a rainy morning and contentment was reading in the room and watching the weather roll by our gorgeous view.
I also decided to post my all time favorite view–our back yard.
I took this morning while the sun was coming up.
Hope you can feel how peaceful it is.


Photo Hunt–“View” — 4 Comments

  1. I love your Lerici photo! The views from Hotel Doria Park were definitely worth the cost. Your backyard looks very peaceful. It reminds me a little of my backyard where I grew up.

  2. Jan, with your two most recent posts of the road by your home and this astoundingly beautiful view
    from your backyard, I feel that if I were living in such loveliness I would never have to take a vacation away from home. (Whew that was a long sentence!)Thank you for sharing the beauty that surrounds your daily life.

  3. Jan, I loved your back yard view. We live in a postage stamp subdivision and my back yard view is my neighbors hottub. I’m jealous!