Today is the first day of the rest of my vacation! Fantastic!
The weekend started out just great with Kathryn and her visiting boyfriend, Dom, rolling out the pasta dough. They were all smiles the whole weekend.
The soup for today was Pumpkin and it was not my favorite. Maybe it was because it came from a can or maybe I didn’t add enough salt. Just not so great to me, but some people loved it. I think it looked great in my purple bowls, though.
Great fun and a great recipe came through Serious Eats ( . It’s Gina de Palma’s recipe for Cocoa Snowflake cookies. Cecelia and I made the dough yesterday and rolled the cookies and baked them today. Our little assembly line system worked will and the cookies came out great! Here they are cooling on the rack.
I love the complex flavor the orange zest adds to the chocolate. We used Droste cocoa Thanks Gina, for the recipe! I have only eaten one because I’m saving the rest to take down south to my mom and sister, the day after Christmas.


Slow Soupers and Holiday Kick Off — 1 Comment

  1. Happy vacation and I hope that you and yours have a wonderful holiday! I really want some purple bowls after seeing this photo. And those cocoa snowballs look awesome!