I stole this from Facebook. It’s fun and easy to do–doesn’t require a whole lot of thought. You just sit at the key board and type. That what makes it “random”.
Here’s mine:
1. I love working with young children.
2. I love the women I work with; it’s a real sisterhood.
3. I really think my kids are beautiful inside and out.
4. Gin is my favorite alcoholic beverage.
5. Italy, Italian food and wine, and Italian travel are my passions.
6. Being married forever to the love of my life suits me fine.
7. With the exception of just a few years, I have always felt chubby.
8. I love to cook without a recipe.
9. My Sat. morning routine is Pilates/Farmers Market/Southern Seafoods/Market Square Wine store/ Fresh Market and I’m home by 11ish.
10. Friends and community are VERY important to me.
11. I wish I was 6 inches taller.
12. I got my name, Gita, from Swami Muktananda. It means song.
13. As a child our parents took me and my sister on civil rights marches in Miami. Talk about eye opening!
14. My sister is the pretty one.
15. My husband is a year younger than me.
16. Pansies are my favorite flower but I really love growing flowers and having them in the house.
17. I don’t really feel comfortable with conflict.
18. I don’t respect authority.
19. I believe in “see god in eachother”
20. I love that we painted our kitchen walls dark purple.
21. Proper grammar is important to me but I try not to judge.
22. I don’t like getting dressed up.
23. Tap dancing! yes I did.
24. I love to watch football on TV.
25. I never thought I would participate in a game like this.
If you need a blog post, go for this one.


25 Random Things about Me — 12 Comments

  1. I love these kinds of little information tidbits. Just curious to know more about #12. We’ve got to talk about this someday. gita is a lovely name.

  2. I got hit by this a lot on my Facebook page too. Great idea for a post… I may just use this (copying from you) later in the month… 🙂

  3. Thank goodness you don’t judge other’s for their poor grammar! LOL I was tagged with this oen on facebook but haven’t done it yet . . .

  4. These are fun to read. I might steal this idea when I need a post.
    I’m going to do a blog post about my local farmer’s market (with a photo of the stuff I buy one Saturday) – if you need a blog idea, I’d love to see what you come home with too.(I love Farmer’s Markets!).

  5. Great post — your kitchen must look fabulous (I love purple!) I also love pansies, they’re so beautiful and friendly.

  6. These are great – I am just a little slow to comment. I am impressed by how much you get in before 11am on Saturdays – what time do you get up??
    Gita is a beautiful name – I have a friend name that. And I love that you got to experience civil rights marches as a kid, what a significant experience to carry with you through life.