Kris and I loved our tour of the Clock tower in San Marco. We met our guide in the museum and walked the length of the piazza to the little dark green door to climb the stairs. At first we were the only two but about five more people joined us after a few minutes. Lots of great history, beautiful views and art all in one, totally easy, visit. Well, there were a bunch of stairs.
Here’s a neat view from one of the round windows. You can see the Basilica beautifully from them.
Our guide was an adorable young Polish woman who spoke a whole mess of languages, including excellent English. Here she is on the top of the tower explaining to us about the ringing of the bell.
We were there on a picture perfect day. The views from the top were amazing.
Here’s a view of the Torre Orologio from Piazza San Marco.
I’m so ready to go back.


The Clock Tower in Venice — 7 Comments

  1. Great minds think alike! Too funny that we both posted about clock towers today.
    Your photos are absolutely awesome. That view out the round window gives me chills, it’s so beautiful! And that is such a great photo of you. You’ve got that “I love Venice” blissed out look. 🙂
    You know, I had this tour on my “to-do” list this past December and I simply ran out of time. Plus all the rain and acqua alta slowed me down some. But I know I would love this tour and I can’t wait to do it!
    The first several times I went to Venice, this clock tower was covered over in scaffolding. So when they finally unveiled it, I made sure that I was on the loggia of San Marco at the turn of the hour one day, so I could see those guys striking the bell. It’s such a cool sight!
    Great post! Boy, I wish we were blogging everyday from Venice right now!

  2. This brings back great memories of my clock tower tour in Venice. Wasn’t it wonderful? I didn’t know you took this tour also. Great photos!

  3. Wonderful Photos. I have not taken this tour yet (although I’ve been to Venice three times). Now, I would love to take it someday!
    Thanks for this great post and sharing your photos.

  4. Annie–you nailed it about the blissed out on Venice look.
    Girasoli–you tower lover–I knew you had been up there!