For the first salad of our new and exciting salad group, Eden chose one she had made and posted about earlier. She decided to call it Palma and Jerry Salad.
Here’s her recipe:
Some greens – use your favorite or a
a combination of favorite greens
Blood Oranges – at least two or three if they are
Berries – I used yellow and red raspberries
when available
Dried Cranberries – because I had some and love them
Crumbled cheese – like Feta
Roasted candied pecans
Croutons, if you wish
Eden’s really simple put together method:
(I found out that slicing the blood oranges and then peeling them with a knife going around the circumference of the slice was much easier than peeling and segmenting them. This will take the most time, so start with preparing the blood oranges.)
On your salad plate or your serving bowl, start with a bed of greens. continue by assembling the ingredients on top.

I didn’t get blood oranges but navels were great with the feta and strawberries. I topped it with some grilled shrimp and an orange vinegrette.
What a nice way to begin the salad season!


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