It’s been quite a few years since we have spent any time in Tuscany–thinking it’s too touristy and we are right BUT it is with good reason. It’s gorgeous here! The views of the green hills, cypress lined roads, beautifully manicured villages and the golden evening light– No wonder everyone wants to come here!
We are loving the quiet. Hearing the birds in the morning is perfect for us.
We started the day slowly and decided to go to Pienza. First thing we did was walk to Latte di Luna to reserve for lunch. We DO have priorities after all. Then we walked back into the center (this is only about 2 blocks) by way of the wall surrounding the town. We had really nice views of Mt. Amiata and flowers blooming in pots everywhere.
We went into the big church for a while, did a lot of window shopping:
You really can smell the Pecorino as you walk down the streets. Finally it was time for lunch.
Latte di Luna, written up in mnay places did not disappoint. We both had pici with cinghiale sauce. Then Ken had white beans and I had a perfect little sformatto (timbale) of zucchini, with lots of nutmeg.
Here was the view from our table:
We talked to the people at the next table who have been coming here for 6 years. Really nice folks! Of course, they wrote down restaurant recs for us. While talking to them they said–you really should go to La Foce and see the gardens. I said–oh we are, on Wednesday at 3:00 for the tour.–Wait a minute! This is Wednesday and it’s 2:00–let’s get out of here!
How we made it onto that tour was just a bit of travel magic. We really didn’t know where we were going. Somehow we found it and, just as the tour was leaving, we joined onto the tail. We didn’t even have time to sign up or pay. We did it afterwards.
La Foce is an amazing place. The gardens are beautiful and the history and architecture are fascinating.
Our tour guide was a very interesting woman who spoke many languages–she gave the tour in English but as we walked to the next place translated it into Italian. And answered a bunch of questions in German. You could tell she loved the place.
From there we drove to San Quirico; we pulled into town and it began to storm. We parked and hail stones were popping on the roof and all around us. Luckily it only lasted about 10 minutes. I mostly studied the maps while we waited. We decided we’d had enough for one day, found a COOP to do some grocery shopping and made our way home by about 5:30. We saw Agusto, the owner here at La Grancia and he invited us to see the old part of the home where, they are very proud that the Duke of Tuscany stayed in the 1700’s. He was a friend of one of the great great grandfathers of Agusto. They’ve kept the old rooms untouched–like a little museum. And he told us some of the history of La Grancia–show us historical photos, etc. Thirty minutes well spent! Afterwards I went down to the garden to pick some cherries off the huge tree and got a lemon, too.
This is really a stunningly beautiful place in an unfancy way.
By the way–I am loving all the comments! Thanks for keeping me going.


Lovely Tuscany — 6 Comments

  1. Great to learn that Latte di Luna is still worth a visit.
    We brought back two wheels of pecorino di Pienza from Caseificio Cugusi,between Pienza & Montepulciano back in 2004 – one of my best purchases on any of our travels.

  2. I have been thinking recently that we have also not been to Tuscany in a long while, must remedy that. Lovely day.

  3. I am going to dream of following in your footsteps. Your trip is just our style. I’ve avoided going back to Tuscany but wondered. We avoided Hawaii for years and went back recently and really enjoyed it. Sometimes there is a reason why a location is so popular.

  4. I’ve been enjoying following along. We’ll be taking the same trip mid-June and have tickets for Palazzo Valentini. Also, planning on the La Foce tour. Were you able to find out if they limit the participants (they’ll be seven of us) and what are they charging? Thanks.

  5. What a nice blog and really helpful. I will be in that same area this fall so I really enjoy reading about your experiences there. I especially want to visit the smaller villages. Keep it up!

  6. We may finally get to Latte di Luna this trip, although we did find a yummy little place way in the other direction. Can’t wait to see my son prancing around with his fingers pinching his nose since he’s not fond of the “stinky cheese city”. Also hoping to meet up with Carole at La Foce:)