Ever since we got to Italy Kenny’s been saying he wanted to get his hair cut here. Mind you, he hasn’t had a professional hair cut in about 20 years; he just does it himself. Sometimes he does a good job but sometimes it looks a little rough.
Well, today’s the day. We went downstairs for coffee (trying a new place right below us which we think must have been closed because we’d never noticed it before) The people in there were really friendly and they suggested a place for “The Haircut.”
One of the guys in there even walked us to the store.
Well, the haircut is really great. I love the back, especially. It was an adventure because the people didn’t speak much English and I had to do all the translating. Fun!
After that we did a little grocery shopping. Somehow we ended up with paper towels instead of toilet paper???
We took the #3 vaporetto–no stops. It was really heating up outside so the wind on the lagoon was really nice. We went first to the Glass museum to book the English tour at 2:30 and then into the San Donato church. Lunch was next at the Alla Murano, right across the canal from the museum. Wet had two great salads (one with prosciutto and one with shrimp, a glass of wine and coffee–all for 40 euros. Right when we were waiting to go on the tour Kevin called from London–Ken was so happy to hear his voice–it was cute:
We did the tour at the museum which was not too great. Lucky for us, the other couple on the tour were young honeymooners from Richmond, Va. and she knew a lot about glass. I was amazed how modern some of the centuries old pieces looked. And the contemporary stuff in the museum was gorgeous. From there we walked to the
Scuola Zanetti to watch some actual blowing. A man talked to us, in Italian, and I did the translating to the group (not very well but…)
If we thought it was hot outside–well the furnaces are littlerally burning. Everyone is completely covered in sweat!
We came home taking the vap to Fondamenta Nuove and walking from there. It took us about a half hour and it was really tiring. But–no rest for these intrepid tourists. Sebastiano, our land lord, was coming to visit. And he did for about a half hour. What a nice guy!
At 9:00 we went to a free cello concert at the Frari church.
Here’s me waiting for the concert to start:
The players were not professional but very skilled “gioveni protagonisti” as they were billed. There were about a dozen of them and their teacher/leader. The concert was very sweet with many familiar and beautiful pieces. But the setting! Absolutely worth it!
It was almost as if the music was a background for studying the Titian. No words…


Ken’s big Adventure and Murano — 6 Comments

  1. We felt the same way when we went to the old Cathedral in Lucca to hear a group of opera singers sing. It wasn’t their skills as musicians (which were food) but the setting that made it such a stunning experience!
    Have you been to the live jazz club in Venice? We’re thinking of going in December.

  2. Aren’t you glad you bought the red belt?!!
    The Titian – Breathtaking!
    Kenny at the barber – ha!

  3. We only walked through the glass museum, a lot of glass there. Sound like another great day.

  4. Awww Jan what a great post. You’re doing so many wondeful things in a relaxed way. You look so pretty!

  5. Mark loves to get his hair cut in Venice. His old barber shop is now a cheap mask shop 🙁 but we did manage to find a new barber he likes. Good for Ken to support these basic services that Venetians need don’t you think?
    You look so cute in the photo! Love the red belt!