Papeveri e Ginestra in Italian. Two beautiful roadside flowers that we saw today driving through the Tuscan countryside. There were many more, different varieties lining the roads, some familiar and some not, but the fields of poppies were the most impressive.
I tried to get some photos but the car was moving to fast–we pulled off at one spot and got these:
We started out the day by meeting Gail Hecko
for coffee. We sat at the bar for a long time catching up and telling stories. Then we walked down to Da Roberto to meet Robert and see their restaurant, right across the street from our apartment. The restaurant is closed now but they will reopen soon. We loved watching the adorable kittens they have there, seeing the kitchen and visiting with Gail and Roberto.
Finally we decided to drive to Montalicno. It wasn’t far. We parked and walked a bit. found a restaurant, Le Potazzine, right near the Fort and sat down for lunch. I had the eggplant parmigiano and after half of it I was completely full! We also ordered sausage and bean which were really delicious but I only at a little bit. While the food was pretty good we didn’t really like the restaurant. The service was not good and the place had the general feel of a tourist trap. Oh well…
We really enjoyed the glasses of Rosso di Montalcino. Le Potazzine is a a wine company, too.
Here is a snapshot I took sitting at our table:
We drove back to Montisi in the late afternoon and never left our apartment. We both just read and did some research for the next chapter of our trip.
Our biggest need right now is to do some laundry but I think we have it figured out.


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