This was my third visit to the Frari Church. The full name is “Santa Maria Gloriousa dei Frari” and I’m not sure which came first the naming or the painting but the Titian painting is the definition of glorious.
We had a lot of laughs inside the church because we were sharing the earphones on Ken’s iPhone listening to the Rick Steves tour. It took us a while to get coordinated so we weren’t constantly yanking the other ones ear piece out. We had to learn to work together. Always a good exercise. We took our time going through the well know pieces and stopping at some of the others too. Sitting in the chapel where the amazing Bellini Madonna is always chokes me us. This time I was very intersted in the Donatello statue of St. John and how Steves pointed out the contrast between the Florentine and the Venetian art of the time.
No photos are allowed inside the church but I snapped these of the exterior. This is the second highest tower in Venice:
And as we were walking away:
We got a take out mini-feast from a place called Mi e Ti in Campo Santa Margherita. I had read about it in Michela Schibilia’s book “Venice Osterie”. The restaurant has a few tables but most people eat on the Campo. We decided to take it home. We got curry chicken, a sweet and sour chicken with olives and prunes, stuffed cabbage, vegetables in yogurt, curried vegetables and rice. I really loved it. Everything tasted really fresh and the eastern flavors were a treat to my palate. Highly recommended if you’re in the mood–all that stuff cost 20euros.
After rest time we went to the Voda phone store and to Vizio Virtu. They had ginger/lemon gelato today which I loved. Then off to a jewelry shop where they make silver stuff. The brother and sister metal artists are in the back making it right there. It’s in San Polo near Nomibolli. I got a nice pair of earrings for me and for Kathryn.
We ran over to the COOP to grab some wine to drink with all the left over pasta for dinner. We checked out all the sizes of cars–worried that our (admittedly too much) luggage will not all fit when we meet up with Amy and Kev in Trieste. We hung out there for a while but never did actually see a Fiat Croma which is what we have booked. I thought I found a great deal online on Europcar but when I called AutoEurope to change she made me realize the the “great deal” was in Euros!!! Dang!
So we will just squeeze into whatever we get and make the best of it.
We stayed in to watch finally get a win in the Euro cup 2012! Go Italy!!
One more canal shot from today–somewhere near the San Polo/Santa Croce line:


Still My Favorite — 3 Comments

  1. This year was my first visit to the Frari. OMG, I LOVED it there! I even bought a book to remember all of it! Awesome!

  2. Hi, Jan.
    I’m enjoying living your trip vicariously…the food, the art, the Bruce. It’s better to live vicariously than jealously. Don’t you think?
    If you get to New York, let me know.