I can’t remember where I took the above photo??? But isn’t Venice pretty?
Ken is having fun using the pedometer app on his iPhone. Wanting to make it to 10,000 steps each day has got us doing a ton of walking and not riding the vaps. I’m not complaining–it’s working our great.
We started out wanting to find the most direct route to the Accademia Bridge. As we approached Campo San Barnaba we saw the fruit and vegetable barge and a little antiques market and stopped to browse.
They had these lamps that Kris loved:
and lots of old glass, old books, beads and buttons.
From there we went to the bridge, pausing on top to look at the view and all of the “love locks”–people actually put small locks onto the railing of the bridge, I guess to seal their love. We walked into San Marco to find Formamentis where I heard they teach Pilates. I went in and “reserved” to take a class tomorrow morning. They don’t speak English though, so I’ll have to review my “parts of the body” in Italian before I go.
Through San Marco and back over the Rialto bridge–did a bit of shopping in the market and headed home to make lunch:
I felt very Italian, using the left over pasta to make this healthy fritatta for lunch.
In the afternoon I heard some excitement in front of our place. This Lab was getting his exercise by fetching his ball in the canal. He had drawn an audience of some kids coming home from school. The owner threw the ball for him for at least a half hour:
Later on we went to a jewelry shop to get Colleen K some earrings–she had lost one and had given me the address of the place. It turned out to be the same place Pat and I got our matching bracelets! I was wearing mine and had fun talking Italian to the very friendly woman. got the earrings, colleen–mission accomplished.
We met Nan for a pizza dinner at All’ Anforna. It was a really nice walk, all along the Grand canal and then into Santa Croce. It was wonderful catching up with her and the pizza, salad and wine were fine!
And we made our 10,000 steps!


Ten Thousand Steps — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you for transporting me to Venice on my lunch break!
    Why oh why can’t they sell zucchini with their wonderful flowers attached at the local grocery store here?
    So happy you got Colleen’s earrings…I wonder if it’s the one she lost in Florence? They were so pretty!!
    Can’t wait to read about your Italian Pilates experience!!

  2. I’m not even hungry right now, but your fritatta had me salivating, much like Pavlov’s dogs! I’m really enjoying your blog, thank you!