We are discovering that there are several ways to get to our little corner of Venice. Sometimes one block away seems totally unfamiliar and sometimes it seems like all bridges lead home. I wonder how long you would have to live here without ever being confused.
This morning I really wanted to go to Tonolo for coffee and a treat. Every time we walk by the baked goods look amazing. This Sunday morning we didn’t make it there until about 11:00 and most of the shelves were empty but there were a few flavors of cream puffs left. I asked what they were called in Italian and I thought she said pegne or begne maybe. Any way, I had a mocha one and Ken had crema and they were “to die for” just a little too good because now I’ll want to go get one every day! The coffee there was also great!.
We were feeling mostly undecided about the day’s activities so we strolled back through Dorsoduro towards the Zattere. (We got to the fruit and veggie barge at San Barnaba and turned right and went all the way …) then we walked the whole length of the Zattere,
around the Punta del Dogana (FYI–the “frog boy” is no longer surrounded by a glass box. Two guards watch him at all times, instead and he seemed much smaller to us.)
Here’s Ken putting his feet into the canal at the Punta:
and back towards to Guggenheim Museum. We had seen posters for a wood scuplture show in a gallery near there. We found it and went in; it was a very small gallery. He had maybe 15 pieces–jackets, socks, scarves, hats–all carved, very realistically of wood. A British couple was in there buying a piece so we didn’t get to talk to the artist but it was some very cool stuff.
We came home and made salad for dinner, read and did some laundry.
We had 7:30 tickets for “Silent Moving” at the Doge’s Palace. We got there a little bit early so did some great people watching in the Piazzetta including these wedding photos:
It was, let’s say, performance art. Mostly we didn’t “get it” but it was extremely wonderful and awe inspiring to be in the Doge’s Palace at night, in silence. The show involved “dancers” fully clad in black moving long red sticks, sometimes pieces of fabric, moving through the various parts of the palace. It took about 40 minutes. Here’s 2 photos from it:
We had a nice walk home in the cooler breeze. We made pasta for dinner and watcher soccer on TV. another awesome night in Venice.


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