Slow going in the morning but finally we set off for Ca Pesaro, a large 17th century palazzo which is now a modern art museum.
Here’s me ready for the day–this is for Cecelia, she knows why:
On the way there we did some window shopping and saw some small paintings we really liked. We decided to go back after the museum. I took a couple of quick shots on the walk:
This is looking down the calle to the traghetto stop:
And this is just a door:
Ca Pesaro is marvelous. When I walked in and saw the characteristic pink and white floor in a huge room with a view out to the canal, I could imagine the people in their fancy clothes having a party there. It brought back lots of novels I’ve read set in Venice. This is the well in the courtyard:
The art was wonderful. Mostly from the early 20th century Italian painters but there were quite a few others including Kandinsky and Chagall. Our best surprise was a small room filled with art of Arturo Martini. We were so happy to see this since we had already gotten to know him in Treviso. I really love his work, especially the sculpture.
Looking at art is hard work, so before leaving we went to the “cafeteria” (really a little restaurant) for nourishment. We just had prosciutto panini and I had a spritz. While sitting there I said to Ken “people ask us what do we love about Venice so much: This”
Here are 2 photos I made while just sitting at the table, to illustrate the point:
We walked back to the little gallery of Lorenzo Usitti. We spent a long time there talking with him and finally choosing a painting to buy. He also gave me a gift of a small tile I admired that his mother painted.
Here’s a graffito we passed–this is for Kathryn:
The afternoon was spent doing research for the rest of our trip. It’s complicated…
Our reservations for dinner at Alla Staffa were for 8:30 and by 7:30 we were on our way to Piazzale Roma to catch a vaporetto. Ah yes–we are really in Italy–sciopero means strike–and the vaps were on strike. Much confusion at the stop but we just decided to walk. It took about a half hour but we got there on time.
The food was really good, the service–not so much. We shared the clams and mussels in ginger broth for a starter–good thing because it was huge! And delicious; I loved the ginger in there. The mussels were no all perfectly cooked but the broth was fantastic! Ken had the lasagna which we both loved and I had fish. It was 3 different small, baked, whole fish on a platter of salad greens. There was also a shot glass with a foamy lemon sauce. I thought the sauce was funny but the fish were top notch. We each had a glass of Prosecco and then shared a 1/2 liter of the pretty good, white house wine and a tiramisu for dessert. Our bill was 53euros.
We walked back home much more slowly, down Strada Nova.


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