With absolutely no appetite for dinner (after our huge lunch) we set off for gelato. Our path took us in front of Santa Croce
and then we walked along the Arno.
It wasn’t too crowded until we got right to the Ponte Vecchio.
We were looking for the Carapina Gelato place which we found easily but it was closed. Second choice was Carabe (we are using the “Eat Florence” app as a guide) so we walked to the duomo to gaze at it in the evening light. I think one could spend months studying the art on just the facade. We found Carabe, a Sicilian gleato place and the pistacchio and nocciolo were seemingly more flavorful but less creamy than the Vivoli’s. They also had two flavors of beer ice cream! Go figure.
We walked home from there with only one wrong turn. On the walk I was saying I can’t believe we haven’t done … Ken reminded me we’ve only been here one night!

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