We woke to a perfectly dazzling Venetian morning; we could even see the mountains out over the lagoon from our front windows.  We went out for coffee at the Puppa Bar and I took a few last minute snap shots.IMG_1881canaleIMG_1883campo

It was fun taking the Alilaguna boat, basically right out our front door which meant no bridges at all.  There were lots of police of all kinds on the water as we approached the airport.  I was imagining there had been a boating accident.  As we were walking towards the terminal there were 2 guys with big cameras and I asked them what was happening.  Michelle Obama and her daughters’ flight had just left.  We just missed them.

Easy peasy picking up the rental car and we were off.  We stopped in Rovereto for a quick lunch.  Ken had–you guessed it–a salami sandwich.  they had lots of different piadinas on the menu so I just said to the man “Make me a piadina”  and he brought me a huge one filled with prosciutto, cheese lettuce and tomato.  It was so good but I could barely eat half of it.

On to Castelrotto, using Google maps on the phone made finding our hotel, Haus Silbernagl, (yes that’s how you spell it)  super easy.  Petra, the well known owner, showed us around and said she gave us the best room in place.  If you want to see it it’s the room on their web site–great views and light on 2 sides. Here are our 2 views: IMG_1861avIMG_1876vista

We took a late afternoon walk around the town and just outside, 5 minutes, is a path to the old castle, the source of the name of the town.

the main piazza

the main piazza

For dinner we had few options because it was Sunday night.  Saalstuben, right down the street looked fine to us.  We had a really tasty tagliatelle with mushrooms (finferli) and a beautiful salad with bresaola and parmigiano on top and 2 kinds of potato salad.  With one beer and quarter liter of fruity red wine, the bill was about 30 euros.  Really worth it, I thought.IMG_1863ins

Forgot to mention the crazy weather.  The temperatures are very unpredictable.  Might be in the 40’s in the morning and the 80’s in the afternoon.  Rain tomorrow–maybe, maybe not.


Ciao Ciao Venezia, Guten tag, Castelrotto — 4 Comments

  1. I love love love the Dolomiti!!

    We used to always end our Italian trips with a stay in the Dolomiti. Out two favorite places to stay are Hotel Turm & Urerhof Duer!!!
    Your place looks lovely!!!

  2. My Canadian sister in law and I stayed in Castelrotto a couple of years ago and we really liked it. It’s so fresh and pretty!

  3. Finally catching up on your blogging from Castelrotto…

    That’s the same place we stayed in 2010! And maybe it’s the same room? We had a two room suite in the corner, I think with a balcony on two sides.

    We loved everything about our stay there… We ate several meals up the hill at an alpine restaurant Petra recommended.

    You’re making me want to plan a return trip!