We decided Saturday would be a good day to get away.  And after lengthy discussions we chose Volendam.  On our way to the station I tried to use my ATM card for some cash.  It said insufficient funds.  No way!  So we went to the next machine–same response.  So now I’m a bit panicky and we decide to go back (2 blocks) to the apartment to try to straighten it all out.  Of course, I want to call right away but we have no phone service until we buy a SIM card in Italy.  No land line in the apartment.  But long story short, I worked it out on line and we set out again.

We had to walk right through the busiest, “Times Square”  tourist part of Amsterdam and it was packed!  So glad we are staying a bit out of the center.  We passed this church:img_1909

And wound our way to the Central Station; the bus station is in the back. Here’s the view from the bus stop:img_1914


The ride was only about 30 minutes and we could see a bit of countryside on the way.

Volendam is a tourist place with a little market and a pretty harbor/marina.  All the homes seemed extremely well maintained and decorated with flowers in pots near the doors.  This one home was cute:  Can you see the OM sign on the lower floor?img_1931

We sat near the boats at the less crowded end of the marina and ate some fish and chips, fried to order and delish!  img_1924

img_1919As we walked down the boardwalk I saw a man making stroopwafels (Dutch sandwich  cookies with thin waffles and a caramel filling) and bigger thicker waffles.  I watched him work for a minute or two and bought a waffle, with some powdered sugar on it–he warned me to eat it while it is still warm and it  was amazing!  The dough is richer and eggier than our  waffles.

What a treat! Then we sat out on a spit of land facing the sea.


We walked back to the bus stop through the neighborhood, admiring the homes.

From the station we were able to find our way only having to consult the map once.  Stopped for a coffee on the way home where we started exploring the internet possibilities of watching the FSU football game.  We got it and watched.  It was a disaster for the Seminoles.  During half time we went to the grocery store and got some bread and other random stuff we needed.  Ate the leftover chicken soup for dinner with the game.  Didn’t watch the whole thing.




Day Trip — 5 Comments

  1. Sounds like a great day…except for the ATM issues. It’s so unsettling to receive that message when trying to withdraw funds (especially when abroad) but I learned that when you get a message like that it’s because the machine itself can’t give you funds, maybe your requests exceeded what they could give you, etc. but never because there is a problem with your account. The first time I received that message years and years ago, I was so concerned that my account had been wiped clean but in the end the account was perfectly fine and it was the ATM that I chose to use which was unable to complete my request. If you get that message again in the future, either try another bank (with a difference circuit) or request a smaller amount. And if all else fails, waiting a little bit usually does the trick if it turns out that they had been updating their systems at the time you tried to take out money. Your day trip sounded really sweet!

  2. When I was in Amsterdam, I wanted to buy tulip bulbs for my Michigan family, but found they were imported from Michigan!