Our last morning at Corte Gondina–had breakfast, paid the bill and loaded the car.  In the rain.  Not a pouring rain but a steady drizzle that made us all grateful for the decent weather we had for our four days in La Morra.

We drove Lyn and Anthony to Milan Malpensa airport and said our good byes.  What a great visit!  Ken and I continued on, stopping once for a quick coffee and shared panino at an Auto Grill.   It finally stopped raining about a half hour out of Venice. We got a little lost when we got off at Marghera to find gas, on a Sunday, but trusty Google maps got us back on track.  We had to leave the car at the top of the (now I know) 10 floor parking garage at Piazzale Roma.  I put the keys into the drop slot for Europcar and we found our vaporetto. Elisa met us at our stop on Fondemente Nove.   I didn’t get the great “Aaahhhh, Venezia” feeling until we were in the apartment, looking out the window. But, I got it and it just feels great to me to be here in the place I love so much.

We went to the Coop right near us for a basic shopping.  I made us a quick pasta supper (when have I ever started cooking at 7:30 at night!) and we called it a night.

Since I had no photos I am posting these 2 of tiles from Piemonte:

A whole wall of these was in the bar in Bra

A whole wall of these was in the bar in Bra

The bathroom in Lyn and Anthony's room.

The bathroom in Lyn and Anthony’s room.


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