Looking out the windows, I saw a beautiful blue sky.  We really wanted to get out of the apartment, but we had an appointment to meet Luciana, our landlord, here to give her the rest of what we owed her.  She came at 10:30 and we had a nice visit.  By 11:00, Ken and I were on the street.  Grocery shopping for the weekend was our mission.  As soon as we got 2 streets from home, we noticed it was antiques market day.  Tables were filling the piazza del duomo and the whole street (via Vittorio Emmanuele) between us and A&L’s place.  We passed through quickly heading for the shops on via San Paulino.  I ran up to A&L’ apartment and kinda stayed too long.

We decided to go up an a section of the Western side of the wall we hadn’t been on yet.  I spied, from above, a restaurant we’d read about, so we went down to check it out and saw this incredible sculpture.  The was no signage or explanation at all.


They seem to be made of cardboard and glue but???

We continued on our way, walking through town to check out another restaurant.  I bought some fruits and veggies from a nice shop nearish the anfiteatro and saw some fresh pasta in a butcher window, so went in there to buy some.  I really enjoy these simple day-to-day tasks, engaging with people who live and work here.  Then we headed for Forno Casale for focaccia, bread, ham and salami for lunch.  Came home and A&L were nearby, so they came up for a midday visit.  We got some firm meal plans for the weekend (everything is closed on Sunday so you really have to plan!) and then Ken and I ate our lunch, took another walk, came home and took delicious naps.

Stopped for a quick coffee at the bakery just around the corner and I got one piece of super rich dark chocolate. Their window is always makes my mouth water:


It’s mostly a bakery, but they do some chocolate forms, too.

We went to check out the antiques then.  There was nothing I would want, but it was fun to look.




There also was a lot of furniture and a perfect-for-Kathryn’s-wedding window frame.

And we went by another prepared food/cheese/restaurant spot to get more stuff for Sunday. The light on the buildings in the late afternoon:

on our corner

on our corner

At 8:00 we met A&L at da Leo.  Lyn really wanted to go back there.  The food was not quite as good as our previous dinner, although my pork was delicious, and the service was really bad.  No details, but we wont be back.

We strolled for a bit after dinner, seeing the full moon,  toying with the idea of getting gelato but it was just too cold!  So Ken and I did a walking sprint back to our little corner of town.

We finished the night listening to Gene Deckerhoff and FSU football on an iPhone in Italy.  This is some crazy world!



Life in Lucca — 3 Comments

  1. Jan:

    I really enjoy your posts. My wife and I are thinking of going to Italy and Greece this spring, possibly based in Lucca for much of the Italy time. We were in Italy once before (2006), visiting Rome, Pompeii, Florence, and Siena. This time we do want to see Venice, probably before heading to the Tuscany area.

  2. Fascinating sculpture! Beautiful photos of that golden light on the buildings. I too love doing simple shopping chores in Italy. Antique markets – usually really look but don’t buy. I always fall in love with something too big to tote home let alone fit in a suitcase.