Everyday we keep saying we want to walk around the whole wall,  4 Kilometers of urban park built in a kind of star shape for the city’s protection in the 16th century.  Today it’s Lucca’s version of the High Line in Manhattan.  After a leisurely morning we went out and started walking, from the Orto Botanico.  Being a picture perfect sunny Sunday, we were far from alone, but it didn’t feel crowded at all.  There were lots of runners, walkers, strollers and bikers, people of all ages. The changing views make it so interesting!

first fall color I've seen

first fall color I’ve seen



Do you see the pig head?









We went down when we saw a small street market a Piazza Santa Maria.  We bought a few things there including some candied ginger, soap and a few cookies.  I talked for a bit to the cheese lady from Calabria.  She said she just makes a circuit with her booth and cheeses.img_2960









Back up on top, we passed several sites where they are putting up big white tents for the upcoming Comics Festival which starts next weekend.  They expect about 240,000 visitors here!  (thanks Lyn) and I’m glad we are leaving before it hits.

We made the full circuit and felt good about it.  Che bella giornata! (what a beautiful day)  I’m hoping it’s not the last time we see 70° on this trip, but I’m afraid it may have been.

img_2957Anthony and Lyn came to our place for dinner.  I made some fresh ravioli with zucchini and caramelized onions.  Then we had the store bought pork stew and polenta and salad.  We’re still drinking the nice, rich, red Lucchese wine which Anthony brought.

Great day!


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