In the morning, we left our luggage in Luigi’s next door office and ended up staying and talking with him for a while.  He is a special kind of host and we really enjoyed our time with him.  Here is our last shot of the little apartment in Mantova:img_4500

We walked all over the old town, got some cash, noted the Sunday crowds and stopped in at a coffee/bakery place and sat for a while.  Luigi took us to the train station at 12:00 and we arrived in Verona at 1:20, the last stop on our train and the last stop of our trip.  One look at the line for the taxis (probably because of the marathon) and we decided to walk the 20 minutes to our new apartment.  I liked seeing all the runners in their medals and satisfied faces, walking towards the station.

Piazza Bra and the whole arena area were packed with people!  There were stands set up selling running gear and food stands–mostly sweets or cheese.img_4503

We accidentally missed our street and walked too far, but I realized it quickly.  Google had failed us!  She was sending us somewhere there was no street, so I called Anna, the owner, and she came and walked with us the last 2 minutes.

After we got settled in and unpacked we went down to check out the scene.  I bought some pecorino cheese with truffles in it and we went to the big supermarket for groceries.

We came home and read and started on the ubiquitous laundry.

I made us a pasta dinner with some romesco==the light green, spikey relative of cauliflower.  I think it’s the first time I’ve ever cooked it.  I just boiled it in the salty pasta water, before the pasta.  (Vacation rental cooking strategy) and it was really good.  I tastes almost like cauliflower but somehow greener.  Anyway, we enjoyed it with some olive oil.

We kept talking about going out again, but we never made it.

Watched the Crown and good night.


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  1. After Venice, Verona is our favorite city in Italy. I am looking forward to yourphotos and your explorations.